Hi there! We're a newly formed group of friends who are building an intentional community around vegetarian food. We are looking for more wonderful people to help us fill our new home with joy and delicious food.

Rent will be $927/month plus utilities and some shared grocery money. During the first week we will determine, as a collective, what will be on the shared shopping list.


Walking Distance from Home!
Our co-op is in North Berkeley, near the Gourmet Ghetto and UC Berkeley. It’s quick 5-minute walk to Shattuck Avenue. South of Rose Street, in the heart of the Gourmet Ghetto, coffee shops and restaurants are abundant. Some of the favorites are: Chez Panisse, owned by Alice Waters, pioneer of the Slow Food movement;
Cafe Gratitude a raw and cooked vegan restaurant; a gourmet cheese shop and numerous ethnic culinary restaurants.
In Our Neighborhood
Fat Apples Bakery and Diner; Festoon Salon; Safeway; CVS.
A little further away, but worth the trips are:
Tilden Park; Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, a non-profit folk music venue; Indian Rock Park; Berkeley Marina; Lawrence Hall of Science and so much more.
We are a 15-minute walk to North Berkeley BART; a 20-minute walk to Downtown Berkeley BART, and numerous bus stops including: 7, 18, 25, and 67 are down the street.

- The Berkeley Co-op
A - The Cheese Board Collective
B - Chez Panisse
C - Philz Coffee
D - Cafe Gratitude
E - Freight and SalvageCoffee Shop
F - Indian Rock Park
G - Tilden Park

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Who We Are
Activist, journalist, author, economist, and attorney, Andrew is working on free, open-source tools to help people to understand the causes and consequences of inequality of income, consumption, and wealth. He enjoys poetry, science fiction, building things, and spending time outdoors.
Brandon (24 years) is a assistant manager and technician at an electronics repair shop. He has been certified in hypnotherapy and practices on occasion. He is engaged to Samantha Bronson and the father of Aurora Bronson Corlett. Brandon has a great support network of family and friends in the bay area and throughout California. He is looking forward to finding long term housing with his family in the bay.
Sam (almost 34 years)(Sarah s husband) is an experienced bike mechanic now working as a salesman at Huckleberry Bikes in San Francisco. Sam loves working with his hands and does metal- and wood-work in his spare time, as well as studying metal art at The Crucible. Sam is skilled in helping people communicate effectively, addressing issues in a way that brings people together.
Samantha and Brandon are in the process of relocating back to the Bay to pursue career opportunities after spending 2 years in Wisconsin. mantha (31 years) is a social anthropologist currently working as an assistant to a local spiritual leader in the Bay Area. Her own spiritual practice includes yoga, meditation and prayer, whether solitary or in community with others. Samantha is a full-time caregiver for her daughter, Aurora (~ 1 year). She and Brandon Corlett share income and expenses.
Sarah (35 years) is an attorney and a mom. Sarah and Sam (married) and their son Henry (2yrs) moved to the East Bay from Chicago in October, 2013, and are looking for a stable, multi-year rental. Sarah attended Princeton University and then Chicago-Kent College of Law. After working for the IL Attorney General s Office, she started her own practice focusing on green business, cooperatives, and social enterprise. In Chicago, Sarah and Sam were part owners of a 6-unit building that they managed cooperatively for 8 years.
Yvonne is a 40-year-old woman of color. She works for the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights. Yvonne is originally from Oakland, but has lived out of the state and overseas. She's passionate about traveling, loves to cook healthy dishes and is an aspiring writer. Yvonne is looking forward to living with like-minded people in a co household.
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